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- Doors Of Time Past, Present, and Future will no longer be sold individually; they will be part of a single bundle.

- We are providing to a new service for our newsletters system. You can subscribe to our mailing list.

- Cinematic Alpha is now part of Bandcamp Community

- We'd like to announce to all our customers that the AI License is now available. This license is exclusively designed for machine learning applications. Any purchaser intending to utilize our products in this capacity is required to send an email before making a purchase to establish an agreement.

- We have made updates to our frequently asked questions, which were previously associated with the use of Dropbox as the download system. This system has now been replaced with Pulse Downloader. Additionally, we have revised and aligned the points concerning the use of Cinematic Alpha products within machine learning contexts in the "License Grant" section.  TERMS UPDATED ON March 27, 2024 (Valid for all products)

- We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Pulse Downloader.

- We are pleased to inform you that we have revised our terms and conditions regarding the utilization of our products for music content aimed at Machine Learning. In the future, we will introduce two distinct licensing options: STANDARD LICENSE and AI LICENSE

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