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Cineplucks is inspired by a wide variety of ethnic instruments from around the world, such as the Oud, Koto, African Kora, Hang, Acoustic Guitar, Celtic Harp and many others.
Cineplucks is able to accurately reproduce the subtle nuances and unique expressions of these instruments by combining high-quality layering techniques with advanced DOVInst sound synthesis technology.
Cineplucks allows users to creatively combine and shape the sounds of the instruments, providing a wide range of options for creating unique and personalized sounds (Multi Presets).
Furthermore, when compared to other virtual instruments, DOVInst technology allows Cineplucks to use less memory, making it ideal for music production on less powerful computers.
To summarize, Cineplucks draws inspiration from a wide range of authentic ethnic instruments and employs advanced technology to faithfully reproduce their distinct sound.
Cineplucks is a tool that pairs perfectly with Cinepads, a great source of inspiration for film composers. Andrew Fly considers this sample library to be the ticket for an abstract journey towards one's inner self. Furthermore, to achieve wonderful results, we recommend playing with your eyes closed and using our Beautify knob.


Cinematic Alpha - Cineplucks
Cinematic Alpha Cineplucks (Walkthrough)
  • 25 Advanced Plucks 

  • 4 GB on DISK (NCW)

  • 21 DOVInst Multilayered Sources

  • 50 Multi Presets (Normal and Arpeggio)

  • Bonus Strum Fake Guitar (12 Transpositions)

  • 4928 NCW

  • 1-3 Levels of velocity

  • 48 kHz - 24 BIT / DOVinst® Synthesis


  • Kontakt Full License 6.8 required (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

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