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Cinematic Alpha - Cinepads for Vital V2 - Summer Vibes
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Cinepads Volume 2 is a compelling sound collection that invokes nostalgia with its nostalgic textures of analog strings and synths. Originally designed for Kontakt, Andrew Fly has now produced new patches for the VITAL platform, and this adaptable sound collection provides a unique and immersive experience.
The new presets have been meticulously constructed to be appropriate for a broad range of musical genres, especially film scoring, ambient, and meditation music, making it an ideal instrument for creative exploration.
Cinepads is a must-have for composers, producers, and sound designers because of the intuitive sound design that enables for smooth layering and recording.
The sound of Cinepads Volume 2 for VITAL software is more than just audio, it's an experience.
With its rich, dynamic and immersive soundscape, Cinepads Volume 2 delivers a depth of emotion that elevates your audio experience to a new level. The deep, resonant bass and crisp, clear highs work in perfect harmony to bring a level of clarity and richness to your audio like never before.

Music style
- Film Scoring
- Ambient
- Meditation

Category of instruments
20 Textures

Minimum requirements
CPU: INTEL i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 / Silicon M1

Recommended requirements
*CPU: INTEL i7 / AMD Ryzen 7/ Silicon M1ProX / M2
*We recommend this setup because VITAL needs a lot of resources in terms of CPU, but you can change the OVERSAMPLING to "1X Draft" or you can disable the HI-RES from Advanced Panel.

- We highly recommend to bounce tracks due to save your CPU, maximum 6 tracks in real time.
- Resample your patches with an external sampler (😊  Yes! You can!).

The purchase of this product acknowledges that all files are in VITAL format, not VITALBANK format.

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