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Contemporary Beatscape

The Doors of Time - Present" is an innovative sound library meticulously crafted by Andrew Fly in collaboration with Audio Brewers® for the discerning realm of music production. Specifically tailored for the programming arena, this product serves as a versatile tool, simplifying the creation of compelling drums and bass grooves. It stands as an invaluable resource, offering inspiration to composers and songwriters seeking an authentic and captivating sonic palette.

Notably, sounds from "The Doors of Time - Present" found their place in the fifth season of the acclaimed series Money Heist, thanks to the creative deployment by Iván Martínez Lacámara. Cinematic Alpha® extends gratitude to Iván and all other testimonials who contributed to refining and testing this product before its official release.

"The Doors of Time - Present" emerges as a professional yet playful instrument, embodying a seamless fusion of sophistication and creativity. With the sincere hope that it catalyzes success for its users, we invite musicians, composers, and producers to explore the possibilities this unique tool has to offer.

Iván Martínez Lacámara


Cinematic Alpha / The Doors of Time - Present
The Doors of Time - Present (Overview)
  • 20 Looped Drums and Bass 4/4

  • 10 Looped Drums and Bass 3/4 660

  • Variations on drums

  • 25 Multi Presets

  • 1110 NCW Samples

  • 44.1/48 kHz 24 bit

  • Memory on DISK: 1.5 GB


Expansion: 2 of 3 / The Doors of Time



"The Doors of Time: Present is a well-built sample library, with varied drum and bass effects that evoke action and suspense. It will certainly be part of my film music and especially for my video game music sessions. I also recommend it for heavy metal arrangements. Mortal Kombat Revenge is my favorite sound."

Jimena Co
(Mechawaiis, Mayhem Masters, La Última Cena)

"Any of Andrew's libraries are a source of inspiration and are perfectly integrated into all kinds of audiovisual music projects. The graphical interfaces are very nice and invite to use them in each new project."

Dani Trujillo Martínez
L.A. Dreamers, Dani e La Orden, My Life is Your

"The interface of the Library is very captivating with animations while I am playing, its volume control allows me to regulate the rhythms and sounds to my liking, having an arpeggiator allows me to expand my creativity in addition to the Crush and delay buttons a infinite level of experimentation, its sound and rhythms offer one of the most up-to-date work on the market."

Christian Castillo
Caso 13

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