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Cinematic Alpha exercises its right to establish two distinct licenses tailored to different market segments: one for conventional musicians and another for those contributing compositions to power machine learning algorithms. Certain artificial intelligence firms engage musicians who sell compositions containing sounds sourced from sample libraries.

It is evident that Cinematic Alpha prohibits the resampling of its samples and does not authorize the use of its sounds in projects associated with machine learning, which generate music solely from prompts.

Furthermore, offering a single license applicable to both regular musicians and those collaborating with AI firms risks undermining the integrity of the sound design market. We place our trust in the creativity of individual musicians, advocating against the necessity of partnering with AI companies, which may compromise one's reputation and copyright.

We call upon musicians to resist and initiate campaigns against these emerging technologies, which threaten to erode creativity in the music market and beyond.

For now, all our licenses are HUMAN CREATION, but in the coming months, we may introduce the AI License.


  1. Human Creation symbol is designed for users who prefer to create music using traditional methods without the assistance of artificial intelligence. Under the Human Creation License, users have full access to Cinematic Alpha's libraries and can use them in their projects with the assurance that they have been crafted without the involvement of AI technology.

  1. The AI License is designed for musicians and developers seeking to incorporate Cinematic Alpha's libraries into projects involving artificial intelligence, such as Suno.AI, Boomy, Songburst, Soundraw, AIVA, and others. This license facilitates collaboration with AI systems and developers, facilitating the development of groundbreaking projects that blend human creativity with AI capabilities. However, any utilization of Cinematic Alpha's libraries for machine learning purposes must receive explicit authorization and may necessitate a one-time fee. This license safeguards the integrity of Cinematic Alpha's content while promoting innovation in AI-assisted music creation.

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