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Cinevox is the second vocal library of Cinematic Alpha, a unique product in terms of sound and intensity.
Following the tremendous success of VOCALS three years after its release, Cinevox promises significant results for film scoring, adapting seamlessly to different musical styles and films: dystopian, meditative, epic, and trance.
With its four voices, it caters to diverse needs, especially with the presence of two prominent artists, including GEA and Herbert Auyeung.
The latter voice evokes an oriental atmosphere and vibrations, taking the composer on a journey and sparking inspiration for their film scores. Additionally, 20 non-human choirs have been added, generated using AI thanks to powerful algorithms from modern synthesizers. A blend of human and robotic sound that can be controlled in two sound groups with two independent oscillators.
Cinevox is a one-of-a-kind tool, perfect for those who want to experiment with different music while retaining the classic beauty of human voices.


Cinematic Alpha CINEVOX
Cinematic Alpha CINEVOX - Walkthrough
  • Textures (DOVinst® Soundscapes, Vowels, AI Voices)

  • 12.55 GB on DISK (NCW)
    40 Slow pads - 20 Vocal based & 20 AI Generated voices (Normal and Sequenced)

  • 40 Individual Combi (20 Normal and 20 Sequenced)

  • 2 Groups

  • 2 Oscillators (Sine, Rectangle, Triangle, Saw)

  • 4 Voices (Kate, Herbert, GEA and Laura)

  • 4 Legato Patches (one per singer)

  • 24 Sequenced Patches (six per singer)

  • 96 Glitched Phrases

  • 1248 Different phrases (Half major - Half minor)

  • 65 Total of Multis

  • 5413 NCW files

  • 1-2 Levels of velocity

  • 48 kHz - 24 BIT / DOVinst® Synthesis and Hybrid Technology


  • Kontakt Full License 6.8 required (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

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