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Ethereal Future Echoes

Unleash groundbreaking sounds with this library, featuring granular and organic textures, controlled by external MIDI for dynamic effects like GLIDE, ANIMATE, and FILTERS. Explore a fusion of pristine and gritty elements, including Risers, Downers, Impacts, Shouts, and DOVInst® Percussion for creative versatility. The user-friendly Graphic Interface is perfect for Sci-Fi, Dystopian projects, Netflix-inspired themes, and electronic/ambient music. Elevate your sonic experience with the innovative DOVInst® Technique.


The Doors of Time - Future
The Doors of Time Future – Walkthrough
  • ​Memory on DISK: 3.3 GB

  • 20 Drones & Organic Pads (1-4 levels of velocities / Pre rendered and multi-layered samples)

  • 20 Plucks (Pre rendered and multi-layered samples)

  • Impacts

  • 4 DOVinst® Percussions / Tribals + Hits (Loop in sync mode)

  • Risers

  • Downers

  • Shouts

  • 36 Multi Presets

  • 3922 NCW Samples

  • MIDI Realtime Controls tested on KORG Krome

  • Audio Quality: 48 kHz - 16 bit


  • Kontakt Full 6.7 or higher require

Kontakt Full License Required (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

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