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A boldly dark synthetic piano

This product, Concilium, marks the inaugural release in the DOVInst® (Digital Organic Virtual Instrument) category, exclusively crafted by Andrew Fly. These four pianos were meticulously developed, utilizing the DOVInst® technique and blended with sounds produced through advanced digital sound design tools.

Inspired by iconic musical bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Clan of Xymox, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, U2, Depeche Mode, and more, Concilium aims to introduce a completely experimental sound suitable for cinematic projects.

Recommended for those seeking a profound and edgy tone without compromising the elegance and dynamic range of virtual musical instruments, Concilium includes two patches from the upcoming SMART series, currently in development by Cinematic Alpha.

For those desiring to infuse a touch of darkness and dystopia simultaneously, Concilium is the perfect choice. It represents a nostalgic return to the past with a modern sound, all while preserving the essence of poetry.

«Sounds Fantastic!» Clan of Xymox


Cinematic Alpha - Concilium
Cinematic Alpha Concilium - Walkthrough
  • 4 Pianos (6-12 levels of velocities)

  • 20 Individual Patches with Piano 10 Individual Patches (Tempo Sync)

  • 10 Multi Presets
    - 3839 NCW Samples 48 kHz 16 bit
    Genre: Dark pop / Suspense


  • Kontakt Full License 6.8 required (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

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an AI LICENSE. → Contact us



«The “Concilium” library is the latest that it has released and it comes with a series of modified pianos among which Argentum and Piano Nostrum Sync would highlight.
Inside the Interface, I like how the sound transforms the surrounding effect of the “Incantatio” knob ».

Javier Marquez (Film Composer)

«Concilium is perfect for any film composer looking for a hybrid and modern sound. With a warm, dark and open sound, Concilium offers very high quality presets. Note the very well designed Multi Presets section, which helps you to explore the best of our creativity.
After a few hours exploring Concilium I'm still totally in love with the Doctus preset. (Strong, dark, open, warm and perfect) An excellent bookstore with a great price-quality ratio».

Lemos (Film Composer & Pianist)

«Sounds Fantastic!»


Clan of Xymox

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