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Timeless Sounds, Echoes of the Past

Unveiling the initial chapter of a trilogy, this expansion draws its creative essence from a spectrum of cinematic and gaming masterpieces, including Dark (Netflix Series), Stranger Things (Netflix Series), Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, The Batman, and Turrican. Meticulously crafted through a fusion of granular synthesis, iconic 80s sounds, evocative strings, and dynamic motion pads, this collection pays a thoughtful tribute to the synthesized sounds of the past. Immerse yourself in a rich auditory tapestry that seamlessly blends nostalgia with cutting-edge sonic innovation, promising a profoundly captivating and powerful musical journey.


The Doors of Time (Trailer 1)
The Doors of Time - Past (Overview)
  • Memory on DISK: 6 GB uncompressed

  • 40 Motion Pads (Time Machine Pro)

  • 40 Slow Pads

  • 28 Bonus

  • 18 Multi Presets

  • 5302 NCW Samples

  • Audio Codec 44.1 Khz 16/24 Bit WAV


  • Kontakt Full License 6.2.2 or higher required (Not compatible with Kontakt Player)

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Motivational, Ambience, Drama
    Category Library: Portable
    Expansion: 1 of 3 / The Doors of Time




"These slow pads are rich with beauty and lush. The motion pads are evolving and can inspire thrill, tension and even hope. This library was built with such elegance that it has become an important part in my current and future sessions for sure."

Oscar Jasso
(A Ride to the Heaven, Up on the Glass, Crossroads)

"The Past section has a nice array of unique sounds reminiscent of era's past. If you're looking for something that has character, stands out but at the same time sounds polished it's a perfect bundle to have in your arsenal. Also, you got to love the TV in the user interface!"

Vincent Zaalberg
Composer/ Songwriter
The Last Element


"Anno 2021 nei giorni, di un “futuro passato”, citando il titolo di uno dei film della saga X-Men. Si perchè questa libreria di “Andrew Fly” dal titolo “The Doors of Time” past, è proprio un ritorno alle origini, ma con la giusta rivisitazione verso il futuro. La musica, anche se doveroso doverlo ammettere è come la moda, ritorna. In questo caso anni 80/90 ’. In “The Doors of Time” hai la possibilità di una vasta gamma di suoni, effetti, pad, pulse, come i Retrosynth, Titanum, Nano, Reborn, e tanti altri. Una frase per racchiude quasi 5gb di roba. La nostalgia dal suono attuale, per un'immersione dal tocco professionale."

Stefano Gargiulo
Composer / Sound Designer
Gates of Hades, Freddy vs Dylan, The Stranger

"This beast is REALLY cinematic. It will be playing a major role in my output for the next months. I love the energy..."

Frank Altpeter
Composer / Songwriter
Founder of Red Llyod, Moore and More

"The Doors of Time Past is just a fantastic library! Like Andrew Fly's previous release, Cinematic Alpha Vocals Edition, this library has a coherent and inspiring overarching theme, and an incredibly rich array of sounds to serve it. The 'nuts and bolts' sounds and rhythms are all there, but they don't distract from the beauty and expressiveness of the library and the sound design. Just top-notch stuff."

Asaf Peres
Top40 Theory

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