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The initial price of this product was $120. Now, it's up to you to determine its current value.


Celebrating 4 Years of Achievements


Cinematic Alpha's first love

This is the first product created by Andrew Fly for Cinematic Alpha. The library includes vocal phrases, both vowels and rhythmic, that are ideal for achieving an epic mood for your film scores. These phrases were created and generated with a manual intonation system for 7 scales (minor). The product has already been used in several series and films and has achieved worldwide success in just one year. VOCALS belongs to the SMART product category.

This product was used by Iván Martínez Lacámara in the fourth season of the TV series "Money Heist" (La Casa de Papel).

The evolution of this product is named CINEVOX.

Believe it or not, this product emerged from a mere 20-minute recording session with the vocalist improvising.

Afterwards, Andrew Fly skillfully crafted and formed phrases by selectively manipulating the original recording.


Cinematic Alpha - Vocals Edition
Cinematic Alpha Vocals Edition 2.0 - Overview
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 6.2.2 or above is required


  • 730 MB on main system drive

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM Minimum / 8 GB RAM Recommended

  • Recommended Price: $25

  • Pay as You Want: Start your contribution from just $2!

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Would you like something more advanced in terms of vocal samples?

Discover CINEVOX

Please note: If you plan to utilize our products for machine learning purposes, you must reach out to us to acquire

an AI LICENSE. → Contact us


«Hi Flavio! What i have heard so far is outstanding Original, unique and useable. You are an extraordinary creator and the singers are wonderful. This is a powerful library with some incredibly inspiring moments. Bravo!!!! The bonus section by itself shines with newness and clarity. Five stars across the board!!».

Tim Truman
Film Composer
(Miami Vice, Melrose Place, Charmed)

«The emotional voices and thoughtful recording and organization of the vocal phrases and other samples make this a great usable library to take cinematic tracks to the next level!».

Chris Hüelsbeck Composer
(Turrican, Giana Sister, Final Fight)

«Beautiful voices ranging from the ethereal to the epic. Even the bonus tracks are exceptional!». «Preciosas voces que van desde lo etéreo hasta lo épico. Hasta los bonus tracks son excepcionales!» (Spanish).

Iván Martínez Lacámara
Award-Winning Composer
(La Casa De Papel - Money Heist, Vis a Vis, El Embarcadero)

«I especially like the amazing voices and phrase recordings, very useful! From fat drums and rhythm loops, spheric pads to electric guitars, deep hits, sweet orchestral sounds, this library has it all! Pro quality!».

Fabian Del Priore
Composer / Sound Designer

«This library is OUTSTANDING! Vocals are out of this world! You can feel how much love and time is put into this library, it's all in the details! Wish I knew about this library sooner! »

Alan Špiljak
Film Composer
(Stolen, Next of Kin, First Steps, Happy)

«I'm a Pianist and Composer and i'm pleased to had the chance to use and try the professional sounds of Cinematic Alpha Vocals Editions, this is a fantastic and useful library for any film composer and i strongly recommended to try especially the voices and all cinematic sounds using your creativity you can build beautiful soundtracks , i want thank and congratulate Andrew for this journey!».

Pianist Without Borders (Fabio Tedde)
Pianist / Composer

«I love this library and the vocal performance of AMNE, I found the right tool for my production!».

Renato Avallone
Producer / Composer

«This library will be a great tool in my scoring arsenal. It's one of the best vocal libraries I've heard».

Sebastian Lis
Film Composer

«I immediately discovered the depth of the sounds and the accuracy in the small details. A library that has no limits and I recommend it to all producers who want to rediscover new emotions!».

Domenico Ciaffone
DJ Producer

«First off its been a privilege to be able to both have early access and to be able to give my thoughts on Andrew Fly's (Flavio's) comprehensive array of self designed audio files and sounds titled "Cinematic Alpha" Cinematic by design. Strings ranging in key, basses, orchestral drum patterns and many more all there for your use within your music composing boundaries and software. Featuring also a wonderful range of vocal files that can be manipulated and used within your own creations. Arpeggio vocal loops are very well produced and scream quality and understanding. I've only scratched the surface of the sounds available. Within minutes of listening to the various cinematic sounds I was inspired to create and this is what I did. Using around 8 of the sounds from the library I put my own spin on things as an individual composer... In summary I would say this is a polished and well arranged sound package. Pristine audio quality and lots of scope and choice for a composer/producer to express and create....the only restriction is your creative min».

Dave Meredith
Producer / Sound Designer

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