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Medipads was developed by studying the experiences of people who claim to have had encounters of the third kind and multidimensional experiences. It was overseen by one of the leading composers of advanced meditation music, Andrew Fly, who meticulously crafted this library using the most innovative synthesizers and his unique technique, DOVInst®. The sounds were created under the supervision of musicians specialized in crafting musical compositions for deep meditation, ensuring their efficacy in facilitating profound states of consciousness.

Medipads serves as a gateway to connect with other dimensions and realms, offering a direct connection with the universe itself. Through meticulously applied frequencies, it aims to eliminate negativity and ease unpleasant memories, facilitating a profound journey of inner exploration and healing. Inspired by the Pleiadian Music (YouTube channel), this product is your key to a transformative auditory experience.


Cinematic Alpha Medipads (Trailer)
Cinematic Alpha Medipads (Walkthrough)
  • Pleiadian and Andromedan Textures

  • 3333 NKW Compressed Audio Files

  • 16 GB RAM Required and Recommended

  • 40 High Quality Sound Sources

  • Energize Engine™

  • 2 Individual Groups

  • 2 Individual Filters

  • 40 NKI

  • 30 Multis

  • 48kHz / 24 BIT 

  • 6 GB on disk

  • DOVInst® Audio Synthesis

  • Kontakt Full Required 6.8.0 (Incompatible with Kontakt Player)

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