Iván Martínez Lacámara
Award-winning Composer

Liam Rooke

Onarts Animation Studios
2D Animation Company

Pance Pony
Cellist and songwriter

Davide Pagano Music / Mix Online
Sound Engineer

Fabrizio Famá
Film Editor

Audio Brewers
Pioneer developers of Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments Recorded, Mixed, and
delivered in native Ambisonics. For Kontakt VST, AU, AAX.

Praise Tracks by Simeon Amburgey
One of the most emblematic YouTube channels dedicated to introduce plugins and virtual instruments
created by Simeon Amburgey (Composer and Entertainment Journalist)

Virtual Orchestration
It is the first online training site for MIDI and AUDIO programming and the use of professional sampled symphonic libraries from various developers around the world.

On the Audio Plugin Sales website you will find forums for sharing
and discussing the latest audio software deals
as well as a weekly breakdown of the best deals of the week, as voted for the Facebook group,
and other audio software related articles.
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VSTs, Kontakt Instruments, Effects, etc. for Production
▪ Current sales and Instrument specifications and features
▪ Other news about VST instruments and effects;
▪ Kontakt (and other NI) Instruments;
▪ Sound presets;
▪ Recording;
▪ Mixing;
▪ Other audio production techniques; and any other elements of recording music in computers.

Plugin Deals
Get the best deals and giveaways on audio plugins, samples and VST.

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