Frequently asked questions

1) Why you made a library only for Kontakt 6 FULL?
At the time, we are not partners of Native Instruments.

2) Why you made a library with 16 bit samples?
We prefer that the user can save disk space and enjoy the amazing sound of the voices.

3) Why you don’t add more controls on graphic user interface?
We focus everything on creativity of sound.

4) Can I ask money back if I have the NI Kontakt Player ?
Sorry but we don’t refund you because our libraries work with Kontakt Full Version 6

5) I can’t add the library on the left area of Kontakt, what I can do?
Remember that our products are not compatible with Kontakt Player because we are not partners of Native Instruments.
We recommend to read this article about third party companies who collaborate with Native Instruments:

6) I bought Cinematic Alpha products but I don’t like them. Can I get a refund?
We can’t deactivate the product for this reason unfortunately we can’t refund a library once it has been purchased.

7)  I have formatted my PC, could you help me recover my digital products?
We are not responsible for your PC, it's like saying that if you format your PC and ask a friend to give you back what was inside, it is not their responsibility to do so.

8) There is a bug, can you help me?
It’s very important to read carefully the instructions and requirements,
anyway feel free to contact us for any further information: [email protected]

9) Can I review on social platforms Cinematic Alpha products?
Sure! If you have a regular license (as single user or company) of our product, you are able to review a Cinematic Alpha Product.
But remember that we reserve the right to ban lifetime from purchases all users or third parties who intend to damage the hard work of Cinematic Alpha and its developers.

10) Why isn't customer service responding to me anymore?
Because your questions have already been answered.